The unique blend of our expertise and experience across the world of digital, branding
and marketing enables us to create products, solutions and campaigns which truly
transform brands and organisations – opening up new possibilities, inspiring audiences
and attracting customers.

Creative - Ideas without boundaries

The biggest, best ideas come from collaboration. That’s why we work across departments and teams to develop award-winning work that gets people talking and boosts our clients’ brands. Our approach is integrated from kickoff to implementation, ensuring that we tap in to the expertise of the industry’s brightest and most curious talent for ideas that push the envelope.

Video Production and Photography

We are the makers, the doers, the bring to lifers. From websites and apps to broadcast and social content, the FRM team breathes life into ideas on paper, propelling them from concepts into reality.

The FRM team are comprised of subject matter experts with mastery in broadcast, online video, photography, digital, and experiential production. Our on-staff directors, producers and project managers plan, manage, execute, and elevate client initiatives across platforms and formats, while partnering with other FRM disciplines to produce award-winning work.

Web Development

Sometimes you see our work, such as our Digital Campaign for Bank Simpanan Nasional; sometimes you don't, such as when we designed a change-order management system for a large media client or a platform to connect real-time data to biddable media platforms.

Our group consists of five capabilities: Engineering, Technical Directors, an Innovation Lab, Marketing Technology and Quality Assurances, which are capable of providing full stack solutions across multiple tech verticals: mobile, desktop, and experiential. We also comprise specialists in creating immersive tech-enabled experiences from multi-platform social content to VR to internet-enabled objects. In fact, FRM are the pioneer in Augmented Technology (AR) in Malaysia!

FRM employs a mix of rapid prototyping with Agile and Waterfall workflows to bring experiences to life on budget and on time. We have expertise building and deploying sites in enterprise CMS’s such as Teamsite, SiteCore, and WordPress as well as more popular platforms such as Umbraco & WordPress. We are also adept in .NET, Python, PHP, & NodeJS.

Mobile App Development

We stay up to date on the latest technological innovations but we're also not limited by what's available or possible today. When a solution or product isn't on the market, we'll create one.

Mobile devices have already conquered the internet. Social sharing, geo tagging and information search has taken the mobile to a different level altogether. If you have a business that seeks to reach its customers through internet, the mobile users need to be tapped. The most effective way to do it right now is having your own mobile application.

At FRM, we help you turn your idea into apps, solve problems and make your app a potential goldmine. FRM boasts of standing in the top league when it comes to app development for iOS and Android. We have evolved into a one stop destination for mobile application creation to the final step of app marketing. With over half a decade of experience, we position ourselves as the pioneers in the industry and one of the most reliable app development company today. To be a worthy offshore development company, we hire the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile apps developers. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms/frameworks used for mobile development. Share your app idea with us let us create a valuable customer touch point for your business.

Education & Training

The digital era has changed consumer expectations, the relationship between marketers and consumers, and even where and how marketing occurs. Brands must adapt quickly and that's why our FRM training and education arm doesn't just ensure our staff stays expert in digital, it helps clients understand the major forms of digital communication, how they work and, most importantly, how to apply them strategically to accomplish business and marketing goals. It helps brands gain a fundamental understanding of the way disruptive forces, such as social media and mobile, change consumer behavior — and expectations of a brand.

Printing & Merchandising

Although this is not our core business, we also offer customized marketing materials and printed products for business or personal use to fit any budget, style and occasion.

While we’ve always been known for cheap business cards, that’s only the beginning. Now, whether you’re creating flyers, T-shirts, Buntings or even banners, our full array of exclusive designs and customizable templates mean you’ll find exactly what you need - All thanks to our long years working with many Printing vendors!

Event and Product Launch

Shaken or stirred? Our approach is flexible, our thinking is fresh, and our process is transparent.

From cocktail parties and awards dinners, to workshops, conferences and styled functions, our Event Managers blend creativity and innovation to build your event vision.

Digital Strategy & Identity

Forget small talk. Let's build relationships.

We don’t just know social. We live it. We breathe it. So when platforms and behavior changes (which they always do) we’re ready – if not one step ahead. We engage with over 10 million people every day across our clients’ social communities and have fostered relationships with hundreds of online influencers and brand advocates. Our expertise in, and partnerships with, today’s leading social platforms is unmatched.

For us, social marketing doesn’t exist in a silo. It’s an integrated approach, not a channel or a set of tactics. As such social marketing sits at the epic center of media, strategy and creative – creating a truly “social by design” environment.